Goodbye for now, but not forever

Hello my sweets, my lovelies, my dears,

As many of you know, I created this website as an assessment project: to test my digital skills and all that. This assessment is officially due this Friday, after which I could call it quits – finished, done, let summer come! However, I have become quite attached, no, obsessed with this website; the vlogging, the trying of new stuff, everything about it. I love working to make it look pretty, taking the pictures, getting your feedback… Literally everything.

So I have made a decision

I will continue working on Nanny Knows Best.

Posts may be less regular (even less so than now) and I will need your support by suggesting or requesting posts via Facebook, Twitter, comments, you name it!

For now (and for the next week or so) I will be out of the country, celebrating my brother’s 5th anniversary of being wed in lovely Bordeaux. I also have a very big essay due (an emotional account based on my less than accurate memories) and all these excuses add up to me not being able to post for a little while.

Please, contain your tears.

But until I’m back, please don’t stop suggesting posts, and enjoy this summery picture:beverages-7up-kids



One response to “Goodbye for now, but not forever

  1. Hello Nanny, I am so happy you decided to continue supplying us with your lovely pictures, videos and comments. I am looking forward to each and everyone of them, but first to seeing you next week in Bordeaux.

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