Gather your chickens and start finding eggs!

We’re about 4 days away from the Easter holidays now, and pressure is a-rising! Two weeks off really just means

Two weeks to polish up my act

Of course I’m going to be making lots of progress concerning content; video, blogs, pictures, the whole nine yards. I’m also going to have to balance that with the other items of my university course, so I hope and will definitely try to keep my promises!

I’m going to be hosting more polls to find out what it is you’d like to see. You’ll be finding these on the Facebook Page and as always I’ll announce upcoming tutorials on the Twitter account as well, so please follow @NannyKnowsBest_ for the latest updates!

That’s enough spiel for now

For the next post, I’ll be doing Grandma’s Beauty regime, inspired by a beautiful French book my mother bought me. So, once I deciphered what it says, and checked whether I’m not accidentally poisoning myself I’ll do some filming and photographing.

Until then, happy DIYing!



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