Brilliant Baking Powder

There are many uses of baking soda that most people don’t know about. In the video I have explored three of those, hoping to show you how to do it while trying it for the first time myself as well.  However, as promised, here is a list and some websites with more ideas on how to use this brilliantly cheap, eco-friendly miracle powder!

Just a pre-warning: make sure you rinse it off/out thoroughly. I can imagine the grains can stay in small places for a long time. 

  1. Use it as deodorant: Apply powder under your arms with a powder puff (don’t rinse in this case)
  2. Put some in your shoes to remove bad smells
  3. Clean windows with a solution of it
  4. Put some powder in a small open container and place it in your fridge to keep it odour-free.
  5. Add to shampoo to remove any remaining hair products (gel, mousse, etc) and make it shiny and full of volume.
  6. Add a little to you bathwater to soften your skin
  7. Put a little bit of the paste onto a rash or insect bite to calm it down and reduce the itching
  8. Add to flower water to keep flowers fresh
  9. Wash your fruit and beg with it for super clean food
  10. Decrease the acidic flavour from tomato dishes by adding a little baking powder.
  11. It can be used to extinguish fires (grease, electric)
  12. Soak a used old mop in baking soda for a while, and it’ll smell fresh again
  13. To unclog a drain, throw a couple of cups of baking soda followed by boiling water down it to get rid of smelly, obstructing residues
  14. The paste works as a good stain remover before throwing it in the washing machine
  15. Add to your toothpaste for a whiter, cleaner smile

Here are some good websites with more tips!

Green living tips

on Yahoo voices




One response to “Brilliant Baking Powder

  1. Hi Eva, I am really impressed with the use of bakingsoda for the cleaning of the ovendish. I am defenitely going to try it, mine looks horrible. Might even give it a try on my face as well.

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