How to fold a fitted sheet

I know fitted sheets are not a major problem for most people, maybe not even a minor inconvenience. However, I always found them super hard to dry, fold and pack away, without getting them super wrinkly.

When Dan and I moved in together, we received boxes and boxes full of sheets and quilts and what not. I could not for the life of me fit them into our tiny flat.

So I spoke to my mum last week, and she showed me how she folds her sheets, and I have got to tell you that I pretty much feel ready to open a hotel now. Super tidy, super proud.

Here’s how to do it!

1) Take two of the corners that are closer together.
2) Slot them in to each other. Do the same on the other side.
3) Now that you have two double corners, bring them together. 5
4) Turn one of them inside out so that you can slot the four all together.

From here you can fold it pretty much any way you want to. I do it like this:
5) Fold the far side over; use about 1/3 of the sheet.
6) Now fold the corner side over, creating a nice flat surface.
7) Again fold 1/3 of the sheet over.
8) And cover it with the other 1/3.

You’re done! May your closet stay tidy and neat Winking smile

– Eva


One response to “How to fold a fitted sheet

  1. dear Eva, who would have thóught that you would ever advise on how to keep your flat and cupboards tidy and neat. This must be an encouraging and hopefull site for all teenagemothers. I am so proud of you.

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