two steps forward, one step back

Hello my sweets,

So we seem to have hit the slow lane.

I was hoping to post at least 3 new videos and 5 posts in general this weekend, but as you can see: all is still the same.

Partially because of the breaking of my boyfriends laptop, on which I film and upload the videos and photos, as it is way faster than mine (usually), and partially because I was absolutely knackered. I worked the 6 nations rugby all of  Saturday, leaving me tired and unable to move and motivate myself to upload new things.

Though I am better now, I really don’t think anything new and exciting will be waiting for you here until next weekend. I’ll try to fit in a small photo tutorial or two during the week, but don’t hold me to it.

I want to thank you guys though: I have received several suggestions on things I could film and teach you during last week, and want to promise you that I will get to them! I will spend a whole day filming, shooting and making things to entertain you…soon.

For now, enjoy this picture:




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