Banana Ice Cream

I’ve been wanting to do this for so long, and now I can finally share how I did it!  Here’s a video on how I did it, but scroll down for a step by step photo tutorial.

bananas 2

Take the bananas, peel and chop them up. Discard any really black bits- they aren’t as nice 😛 Make sure you use ripe to over-ripe bananas, because you don’t want that bitter taste the unripe ones have.

bananas 3

Put them in a tub and freeze for minimum of 2 hours. Make sure they are really firm and freezy.

icecream 2

After you’ve frozen them, blend them with a mixer of some sort. I hear forks and potato mashers also do the job. If it has gone quite runny (as mine did) just pop it back into the freezer for a bit.

Icecream 3

Enjoy your absolutely delicious, creamy, healthy icecream, and add any ‘unhealthy’ sides if you like. I added Cheesecake mixture (the Gordon Ramsay one) and some molten chocolate. The chocolate was amazing with it!icecream


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