From humble beginnings

And so it starts, the beginnings have been made. I’ve set up the Facebook Page, the Twitter account, Google+ and Flickr accounts. All of this to make it easier for me to share and for you to find upcoming wave of videos and photos. The idea is that on the website I’ll upload all the tips and tricks, and on the Facebook page, you’ll find failed attempts, more pictures, more video, etc. So it will be worth having a look.

After talking to my nan and mum, I’ve got a whole list of ideas, but then it hit me; How am I recording this beautifully organised imaginary content?

It can’t be that hard, 12 year old girls do it obsessively…

So I started Googling for webcam capture programs; after downloading 2 viruses and installing 5 new toolbars, I find out I already had the software on my laptop…

So that was a great success…

Anyway, I’ve got the software, I’ve got the content. It’s time for me to

stop babbling and start uploading.

The first post will be about turning old bananas into ice cream!banana-chiquita.jpg




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